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Gastspiel September 2022

Workshop Experience: Dance as a social movement

Card Blanche: Angela Lamprianidou

Dance as a social movement is a Choreographic experience, in which encounters, conscious movements are explored together. Inspired by The "Forum" of Agosto Boal, we will have a small journey of a certain "Tanz Forum" where the participants are asked to share their first thought in the morning. Later on we will put and express these thoughts through movements and gestures. Integration and inclusion are happening on eye level. A sounding landscape will accompany us though the journey of sharing.

For further information and registration please contact Angela Lamprianidou

Angela Lamprianidou is a Greek choreographer and performer with German and Spanish roots. She studied choreography and new techniques of interpretation at the "Institut del Teatre" in Barcelona, where she lived for thirteen years (2000-2013). Since 2014 she lives and works in Berlin. As a lecturer in choreography and performance she works at universities and dance schools in Germany and abroad. Furthermore, she works in the field of energy healing and holistic view of people with her own method You are the Point in 2018. Her individual career as a dentist, choreographer and yoga -energy coach allows her to put science into practice and share this.

Angela Lamprianidou was supported by
Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR


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